I, as a geometer, can visualize fucking your mom better than you ever could. - I Am

I know your mom and Second Person Singular can too.


Physicists claim to know everything down to the quark level, and all American doctors actually believe that bullshit. Fuck that noise. Never listen to any doctor, except your own breath.

Here is how you can try to hope to be as proficient at fucking your mom as I am: Try to electrocute your memories the moment you identify them with words.

This is spaced repetition. When you are learning something and are able to identify what you have learned (paraphrase it to yourself), immediately try to forget it for as long as possible. Meditate, on nothing. Then you forget it for say 10 seconds. Then you remember it again.

Then next time forget it for 30 seconds. Then 70. Kind of like particle 137.