In country 1, suicide prevention is not an actively pursued legal matter within the government.

In country 2, people actively kill other people using poison.

In country 3, suicide prevention is a top priority in the health department.

In this hypothetical:

  • Country 1 is the most populous and spatious country on the planet.

  • Intelligent people are able to view life around the planet globally through a network.

  • Country 1, 2, and 3 only go to war with each other through proxy countries.

Basic induced axiomatic statements:

  • Country 3 saves people who are not happy with the current state of life around the planet.

  • Country 2 is where the individually strongest people survive due to survival of the fittest.

  • Country 1 and country 2 depend on country 3 to grow and identify people who dream of different planets.

Since we all know what boredom is, we can say that, while travel between the three countries is commonplace, the most intelligent, capable people bored of country 3 travel to country 2.

I did not say much about country 1. However, we can induce that country 1 has the most steadily growing population (we might even want to nickname it the Orient!), and will continue to be the most populous country on the planet, if we assume the planet and the countries within are generally at peace.