A hacker as a third wheel, communication as advancement, and the people as a pawn

This article is intended to propose and demonstrate Signal-Response as a new software engineering term.

What is the purpose of a software application? What does it do for its user? A software application responds to its user’s input.

Hacking is widely conceptualized as a process fundamentally revolving around looking for oversights by the original developers of an application. But this is wrong. It is far too limiting.

A social software application has at least 2 users, A and B. A and B are able to communicate. By the “oversight” conceptualization of hacking, a hacker should be able to find an oversight to change the response of the application to user A’s signal from that which was intended by the original developers.

But there is a more general, more useful conceptualization of hacking. Not as finding oversights, but as interjecting the hackerself in the midst of signal-responses. A software application allows user A and user B to communicate with the software application through responding to signals. Ultimately, A and B can communicate with each other. A hacker does not need to find an oversight to hijack this communication.

Be scared of the entire Internet. Then the implications should be clear.

I’ll leave with the wider purpose of this all. Please remember, war is the fountainhead of human progress. Due to mutually assured destruction, atoms-based war was already at a standstill.