Vioilns bring you closer to God. Piano brings you closer to math. Closer to conformity. Closer to nothing. Unless you play chaos theory piano like I can. Better than The Shining soundtrack, I guarantee it.

.@wuaaro you might think I’m the crazy explorer and you’re the one playing it safe. But I’m the protector hunting for immortality and you’re the explorer.

List of steps of immortality. Develop EMPs to frazzle computers, then computer EMP shields. Develop inter-space satellite network. Develop light reflectors (not necessarily metallic) around solar system, such that it appears completely closed except for “black holes” and random jets of “gas”. Train AI with your own original language, based on a Turing tape where the AI adds words to the right stack and you add words to the left stack, and you add inequalities or equalities according to Aristotle’s laws and human language grammar, while the AI adds inequalities and equalities with RNG. Develop Stephen Baxter’s kernels and kernel physics from Proxima using quantum local light reflectors across the solar system. (the whole time we’re on microsurgeries from Neuralink’s robots in hospitals like Whiteroses’ one under the Washington Township power plant)

By the way, a country where everyone devotes their lives to freedom for every individual is useless when no one has any devotion. AntArtica is the (slightly cryogenic) continent where everyone devotes their lives to immortality-crucial research and sex-spirular experiment.

Earth is the planet where everyone devotes themselves to time, leaving them wide open to time-hackers.

Get a philospher’s stone.

As long as uncertainty exists, you won’t die. Better not catch you sleeping because that is an ultimate injector of uncertainty.