The most silent violence has the capacity to violence of the most violent violence, and the most violent violence is the most violent of them all. - Sir S’elf

Light is silent. Dark is loud.

People too often discombobulate this truth by saying “negative emotions are more contagious than positive emotions”. The truth is, negative emotions are louder for a number of reasons whose quantity has the property of summing up to greater than one.

For example, only selfish people complain. Selfless people do not want to annoy others, and thus they keep their complaints to themselves. Empirically, selfless people tend to have more positive emotions.

Secondly, negative emotions tend to be much louder. Rage, crying, tantrums, and fights are activities often louder than long heavenly nighttimes and lasting blissful smiles.

The people complaining Mark Zuckerberg is evil while continuing to keep their friends on Facebook and lamenting their own addictedness to it are just complicit in Mark Zuckerberg’s evil. They severely lack self-control, and they’re just a little bit slower.

Look in the mirror next time you complain about evil, you scared-of-the-dark little bitch who never got over your childhood fears and issues. Maybe you’ll find that the dark was just a reflection of an absence in your reflection of light all along.