everywhere you look people are hooked onto things

  • Universal Ctrl-F program - likely need constant screen-reading ML agent running
  • ‘Mnemonic medium’ like quantum.country, but with recursive nested topics to allow learning from high to low-level, by self-direction.
  • Dual-directional stream messaging prototype (for free-form judgement free texts to a specific person)
  • The Great Leveller
  • Text generator like OpenAI’s GPT-2, but instead of spending hundreds of thousands of USD on machine learning, just take the last couple phrases of the current text, search for it on the internet, add one of the results to the current text, and repeat (credit to @fchollet on Twitter).

For any questions or critiques please email IAm@gmail.com (I Am) or IAmThe2nd@gmail.com (I Am the 2nd). Feel free to copy. After all, these are ideas, not original thoughts.