If you are a man with the infinite desire to act, training yourself to not act is the ultimate form of self-control, and is that of which meditation is the only true form, thinking itself being an action. - @albertwujj

The goal of studying is to increase the power of distortion of the brain. When you have a thought about your own thought, arguing with yourself, reflecting upon your reflection on a subject, your brain is literally distorting your own thought. Photons pass through a certain region of brain cells, as they must in order for you to be aware of your own thought. Then when you become aware of that awareness, photons pass through that same part of the brain again, although that region of the brain was already distorted by the previous barrage of photons. Logical argument and creating new mathematics, the process of having thought about thought, is (at least) the process of throwing photon after photon on the same region of your brain over and over, distorting it greater the faster you do it. By this logic, meditation (the process of mindfulness, of suppressing a thought the second you have a thought realizing you had the thought) is the ultimate form of studying, of mental distortion.

We can take a collective solipsist framework, assuming the world only exists in our minds and the minds of others, along with a few more precise logical deductions, to ultimately show that meditation is the ultimate form of studying towards the goal of having maximal distortive power over the world.

Yes, meditation is the fundamental form of studying to have control over yourself. Which you can deduce to be the ultimate method of gaining control over other people. QED.

Trying to fall asleep, as long as you don’t actually fall asleep, is meditation with the additional goal of feeling comfortable.

people writing about consciousness be like, “first i will redefine the term ‘consciousness’ as something i can make empirical statements about, then see how just how long i can talk before people notice i’m not talking about what they came here to find out about” - @chaosprime