No effectual philosopher accepts death. No true philosopher fears it.

Dying is the most selfish of possible actions, as the alive believe it is impossible to interact with the dead. (Feverishly avoiding and sadly protesting suicide is, for reasons more nuanced, narrow-minded and selfish, while arguments of stances opposing this, which are by far the majority, tend to be abundant with contradictions).

Then to those common folks who say that power is selfish, and information is useless, that “enjoying life in the moment” is the only honest process, to those consuming as media depicts - does immortality die?

Legends may have once been cliche, but they are exactly what the younger generation is forced to forget, and what the older generation manages to.

Now, no one knows how to live the most selfless life, do they? Or if they did, they would be quite self-assured about their knowledge. How could the selfless one possibly choose between oblivion and power? I thought, no one knows how to live the most selfless life. You must either try your best to extend your lifespan without making any sort of a splash, until you can choose a course of action judged rationally to be more optimal, but if for some reason that is undesirable, softly disappear and rest in peace.