The slowest learners propagate their learnings throughout the world the longest.

What is learning? The process of selecting new knowledge to store and selecting old knowledge to discard. Remembering and forgetting.

Unless you have a negative ego, you necessarily become a slower learner as you grow older. Your acquired knowledge organizes and reinforces itself in your brain, becoming harder to forget.

Learn from the fastest learners for it feels longer than it is. Unfortunately, the faster the learner, the more dishonest they may seem, assuming your estimate of their coherence of communication is constant.

Physicsally, if energy is not defined as the integral of knowledge over time, knowledge is not power. If knowledge is energy, remembering and forgetting. This is power.

Females communicate faster unless measured at pulses sufficiently long, such as those chiefly distinguishing consonants and vowels. If you can’t understand this and won’t now go study physics, fuck yourself you don’t deserve to be male.

Time is not a dimension any more special than color or temperature. The least I can do now is to make my statements true independent of time.